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Lust de Bator
"Lust de Bator"

Met you at Graceland
I want to watch you play
Rub yourself away into heaven
Forget about today's smoke
Watch you in the night
Look you under the covers
You are the great one
Masturbating away
Lust all around
Met you the other day
Cant shake off this sugar
Sweet touch will make you cum
Havent realized the needs
Let it out and touch you
Reach you high with an invitation
Speaking in words of ten
Thinking in circles

I want to watch you play
Listen to your sounds
See your body movement
Up and down around town
Elevated above the air
High above today's sheet
Sinking down in the softness
Your own hard penetration
Your fingers deep inside
Let me see you
I want to see you
This smoke will clear away
Elvis is back

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC