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Making Love (Version #2)
It was perfect
Just after our wine
From the wicker picnic basket
On our fresh down blanket
Upon the grass
Under a great huge oak tree

Lying under the stars
In the warm summer night
A slight summer breeze blowing
My fingers running through your hair

I was penetrating you with passion
In a steady rhythm over and over
Kissing your lips with desire
And staring into your sparkling eyes

The night sky was overhead
Filled with bright stars and constilations
The rustle of the oak leaves could be heard
As we clenched eachothers hands

Still I would grind away
Rub our hips together
As I nibble on your stiff nipples
And trace the contour of your beauty with my tongue

Under that lasting nighttime sky
We celebrate together
Our unity and share our affection
Caressing your soft skin and kissing your ears

Over and over again
I push inwards and thrust
Bare in the warm summer air
Your breasts pressed firmly against my chest

It was just perfect
But you were not there
Not your mind nor your body
Not even a trace of your scent

And I cried alone
Under the nighttime sky
Under the great oak tree
Wishing you were there

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC @ 1515 NYC