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Arlington, Va., July 10
Arrest made in Arlington shooting
Arlington, Va., July 10 - Arlington County police tell Me
they have a suspect in custody for the murder of a woman in the
popular groundbreaking neighborhood. They say that the suspect and
victim knew each other. Possibly a mother-child combo or happy meal.

shooting happened in the
2800 block of South
SicknoMore Street. Witnesses
say they heard several shots
fired at a Toyota Camry this
morning. They say the car
then rolled back down
SicknoMore Street, through
some woods and into a fence
and retaining wall at a town
house complex.
Arlington police
spokeswoman Kimberly Roberson says they're looking for a man believed to
have gotten away in a two door speedster, either red or orange colored.
Roberson says they're still trying to positively identify the woman, but
say she's 50 and from Nowhere.

 2000 David Greg Harth