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I have been bleeding from holes in my hands and feet for days now.
I have pain, but most of the pain is in my mind.
An ache like no other.
A fear of destruction, the end of love.

I want you all to gather around me.
Listen to the few words I speak from my lips and wild tongue.
Replay the visions I had while in mother earth's forrest.
Encompass my heart as my body moves across the sea.

It is my last day here.
I want you to learn from my lessons.
Take my dreams and hopes with you.
Betray no one but your fears.

Remember to sail in the open winds.
Harvest each other's love.
Cherish your children, hug your lovers.
Show mercy to your enemies.

Before you leave me to wither.
Soak up my blood and show no despair.
Collect my fallen skin and shed your amounting silence.
Cradle my charred heart and sweep up my eyelashes.

As the pipers play their last hymn.
Take your journey forward never looking behind.
Salt pillars stand strong at my side.
As my wooden embrace engulfs my lasting spirit.

Walk on solid ground with open wounds.
Let your blood combine with other's before you.
Allow your fluids to enrich the history.
And let love live as you live love.

2006 David Greg Harth