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Neither fate nor reason
My heart has been annihilated
Held accountable for high treason

I have gone far to declare my plea
Barriers crossed and persuaded vestals
Your beauty swallows me up like the sea

Love's anthem has been sung by choir
No matter how many mountains or oceans I shall travel
My covet for you will never tire

Early sunrise brought morning song
Master's root birthed angelic trinity
It is to you, which I belong

I have selected the clandestine mask for my war
In and out I'll drift like a howling wind from past
A heart like mine is not easy to ignore

With each passing tide
I'll follow your forever scent
There is no captor who can hide

Early on you became my keeper 
When you harpooned my heart
I fell in love with you deeper

I melted at your mesmerizing allure
My chronic disease escaped
You were my only cure

You are the continuing catalyst
That makes my timepiece go forth
I promise you another tantalizing tryst

An angel filled with compassion
Yet it was you who abandoned
And sent for my assassin

In your absence I've become dead
Your sweet voice still echoes
I hear what you said

Denying our unification
One cannot evade for long
For it is love's greatest violation

Thicket of thorns bound my head
All angels of sympathy visit my gate
Each adversary wishes I were dead

Sentenced to multiple years
Confined in shackles under darkness
Each river you cross is made of my tears

For eternity I will find my means
Even from this forced exile
Every night I'll infiltrate your dreams

You enslaved my heart
Once free from this prison
It's not easy to begin another start

You were my sanctuary of tranquility
Only an artist's death
Can create such legendary visibility

 2011 David Greg Harth
Written in five cities:
Hamburg, Copenhagen, Mexico City, Washington D.C., New York City