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The Miserable Heist
Court is in session
Right now you are innocent
Until proven guilty
You'll be judged by your peers
If found guilty
You'll be punished
To the fullest extent of the law

There is no talking allowed in the court
No small talk, no whispering
The jurors will be awarded the proper respect
The judge will be honored honorably
May the first witness take the stand -

Without any explanations
Sweating in your seat
Officer to your left
Judge to your right
God on the wall
Twenty-four eyes on your soul

This theft was illegal
Was it not?
This theft was immoral
Was it not?
This theft was inconceivable
Was it not?

Nervous more
Without any questions
Fidgeting in your seat
Officer to your left winks
Judge to your right winks
Servant on the floor
Twenty-four eyes wink at you

Court is out of session
Verdict has been made

 2011 David Greg Harth