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I hope I get sick again
To get me out of my misery

Its a bad plea
But it will be a success for both of us

I'll wake up in the new
Different features
Different water fountains

You'll forget about me
As I remain silent for days and weeks
Even months

You'll move on
Go foward
Forget about the past

I'll be ill
But I wont be in pain
Never the pain that I experience
When alive with the ache

I hope I get sick again
So I can count the tiles
And watch the Jags roll in
And eat hospital food

I hope I get sick again
To be punished for sins of not knowing
To live it up once again
And dream the wildest dreams

I hope I get sick again
It brings the distant closer
Near death
And it will make me soft

Hiding and never coming out
You can see me
But you'll never see through me
And you'll never see me

But in my mind
I'll have a lasting memory
Of what could have been
If I wasnt in misery

 2000 David Greg Harth