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Mistake Win
I never thought you could recover from the mistakes you made
But now tears roll down my eyes and all I want
Is my cheek to be next to yours

I never thought I could be wrong or make someone so beautiful
But now the mirror is broken and the garage glass shattered

You made me mad because you should have waited.
Now you have left with no news of today; only yesterday

Mistakes come and go
People come and go
But I'll never find another lesson
Another bruise
Another time for manipulation or prostitution

Youve inspired me to grow up
Grow older
And grow higher
But now youve left me
With my fist in the glass; bloody

It's pouring rain outside
But I am not wet
The wind is burning my face
But it is not windy
The ground is shaking beneath me
But the money is not falling from the tree

 2000 David Greg Harth