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Mistaken Love
Remembering you draped in shades of red
I stand tall, I stand straight
Down hills, sloped, hard, rocky
I bend, I step, I climb, I fall
You hit me with your rattle
Up again, hit once more

Step after step, I get to the top
And spiral downwards
Helpless, you occupy my heart entirely
Your whispers enchant my dreams
I tumble, I stall, I halt

Crying in the corner
I peer out, I watch the others
They dance around the fire
Touching, reaching high
Stars light the night sky

She closed the door
I realize now what I need
I knock and follow the path once more
Nothing in sight, signs point in directions

My hair turns grey, white
The lure holds me near
I kiss her wet lips
Shattered, I'm awake

 2008 David Greg Harth