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Mixed Media Killer
Whites killing blacks
Blacks killing whites
Liposuction fat suckas
Believing in god to rescue
Aint no Popeye
   gonna save our batch
Think I'll light a match

Littleton snow falling
Wet rain flower graves
Students balling

Publicity suicide stunt
Making bucks for NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN
Just 2 Shot men

Bomb the black kid
Blaming Manson
Wish I hid

Violence in Kosovo
Violence in Colorado
I'd much rather get lost
   In the violence in my own head

Trenchcoat Mafia
Rememberance of Matthew Sheppard I knew
Psychology Today
Preventing your bloody hue

Interviewing the grieving
For America's rating
The Boss was born here one evening
John's little pink houses debating

Sawed-off shot guns
Bleeding bones
Crying tears
Swat teams
Children killing children
Imagine my man
   in the mirror
Rebel revolutions
Civil revolutions
Student revolutions
Gothic revolutions
Building wars
Destroying guns
No ones safe

Laughing killers
Ooooooo...Black clothing
Come to New York City
I'll show you your black
& hate
& god on riverside

You know?

Silent images = $

Silence = death

 1999 David Greg Harth