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Moonlight Temptation
I would watch the moonlight
Reflect on your face
As you ease your shadows
Upon my chest

My temptation to go inside
Wrap around you with hugging arms
Kills me every day
Eats me up inside

I would kiss you
Under summer skies
The blue midnight that melts
In the beauty of your hands

I miss your soul
That I never had
Show me heaven
I'll show you another universe

Capture colours with me
And I'll enter your brown eyes
I'll come out from beneath
And share my thoughts

I'll kiss your tears
Of sadness and joy every day
My honor will dissappear
As I kneel for sculpted bronze

I whisper sweetness
Into your ear
As my fingertips let you escape
From the ordinary day

I will howl at many moons
To divide the winds and seas
For your insight to absorb
And breath to take in

Speak to the ocean and land with me
Let me cradle you in my arms
As we grasp the sensation
And conquer our feelings

Cuddle outside with me
And see the sunset
And watch a new dawn rise
While intertwining with eachother

I'll let you inside
Discover the changes among
Curves, eyes, touch, and desire

My heart is forever enslaved
But when set free
The glow you will see
Ignited by your moonlight
By your smile
By your mind
By your vibration
I will live

 1998 David Greg Harth