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The morning bird calls
My restless sleep ends
Only a few days to go
And you'll be in my arms again

Elvis Presley & America plays
On the cold stereo
I'm wrapped up in blankets
Without you

I believe in you
That you make me warmer
And smile longer
And cherish life greater

It's morning
I rise up out of bed
Scratching my head
Running my fingers through my hair

Making my way down
From my deep sleep
Looking in the mirror
At myself

I look deep in my blue eyes
And deep down inside
I see great beautiful
Brown eyes

You are always with me
Near or far
You are in my heart
Never forgotten

A few days will pass
And once again
Arm in arm
I'll remember why
I'm with you

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 1515 NYC @ 296 NYC