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Moving Realism
Moving through the streets, the land, over the surface of the ocean
Hunting and being hunted by hungry cowards
Searching for the everlasting, making way to the far east

Moving quickly, smoothly, treading the dirt and the sea
Dancing and escaping to other worlds
Leaping from salt pillar to salt pillar

Moving beneath the fever and the diseases of humankind
Beyond the point of no return
Thirsting for the greatest quest knowledgeable

Moving in a forward direction, stimulated by the strength within
Waiting for nothing but to arrive at the established point of dreams
Letting the fantasy become truth as the others look on in awe

Moving to the kingdom to become crowned and loved
Look beyond the obstacles of today and attack the wounds
Be with the One while I grasp my tool of horse hair and wood

 2002 David Greg Harth