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Moving Water
I tried with all my might,
my physical strength
and my emotional strength;
but I could not do it.
I could not move the water.
I pushed and pushed with all my might.
I budged and I pulled and I pressed and I packed.
I couldn't move that water.
I tried so very hard.

I tried to stare at it for lengthy period of times,
hoping for something out of this universe to move that water.
Hoping somehow, some way, that the water would move;
but it did not.

I tried my best,
but I was unsuccessful.
There was nothing more I could do.
I tried all my might to move that water.
But nothing happened.
The water didn't even budge or sink or flow or trickle.
That water is staying put,
and put is put and put is put.

 2003 David Greg Harth