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My Body (Failing)
If you asked me what I did today, I would tell you this:

I mounted a circular saw blade on the wall
In such a fashion that the blade sticks outward from the wall
Instead of flat against the wall
In this position, I was satisfied and hopeful
To rid myself of my constant pain
I lined myself up with the blade
I bent my head backwards
Leaning towards the ceiling
And then with one powerful thrust
I whip my head forward against the circular saw blade
And smack my head against its sharp edges
The blade cuts through my forehead
Only three inches in
I managed to penetrate the skull
But this did not solve my pain

I got out two buckets
Filled them with water
I took off my shoes
And I sat on a wooden chair
I placed each foot in a bucket of water 
I then plugged in two hair dryers
I turned them on
And dropped a hair dryer in each bucket
Electrocution hurts!
But this did not solve my pain

 2011 David Greg Harth