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My Cat
I was driving my cat
From New York to New Jersey
Just across the border

He usually meows and cries
A lot
On these mysterious trips

But this time he was silent
Did not say anything

It was a short trip
Only lasting four mintues
Or so

Listening to "Running to Stand Still"
And "With or Without You"
While sticking my finger
Into my cat's 'kennel cab'

Still, my cat would not meow
Nor would he rub his face
Or body against my fingers

He was eerily  silent
And I knew something was odd

The music playing
No meowing
No touching
I knew my cat was dead

I felt happy and sad
He wanted to be with me
When he died

He tried so hard
His tired old body
Waiting to be with me
One last time

I was prepared
To end my trip in New Jersey
And take my cat
Out of the car

And cradle his soft
Not yet stiff
In my arms

Looking up towards the sky
Embracing on of the rare beings
I will have ever loved.

 1998 David Greg Harth