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My Crucifixion
For you
My tears are drops of rain
My affection is a wounded heart

You beauty is a pythons venim
Poisioning my body to unearthly heaven

Making me spin out of control
In a tornado of optional corrupted hard thickness

Deep down inside
In the bush
Between the gods, the land, and the sky
I hide

I await for people like you
To gather around my waist
And hold me tight
Like the grip of last nights wind

For you
I slice at my skin and save your sins
I collect seeds to plant
To water and nurse
The growth of us

Seeing your smile
Hearing your laugh
I have to make noise
Yell and scream
Show my orgasm
As your beauty shades my existence

Again Again
I make myself known
To you and the world

I give up everything
For you
I crucify myself
To be with you

 1998 David Greg Harth