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My Friend David
David is...

going to kill people
he wants you all to know
he wants you to turn him in
he will kill
take and fuck
steal and torture
suck and read
he will

he is very alone
but never lonely

do you want to fuck?

he hates everyone
even me
and you

he hates you too
he hates his parents
hates his lover

he doesn't believe in love
he doesn't believe
he wants you to turn him in

he loves women
wants to fuck them all
their cunts and pussy
their tits and ass
he wants women
all of them

he loves men
fuck them

he hates people
people suck
he loves art
he is art

he thinks killing is art
he kills for art
art kills him

he does not take drugs
he never will
he never fucked anyone
he never will
[but he lies all the time]

truth is:
he fucked me
and he fucked you

and together
we shall all bow our heads
and pray
for my beloved David
is now dead

As I read this poem,
On this Monday of December 9th 1996

David killed himself

 1996 David Greg Harth