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She named my street
She portrayed me
She made an image of me
Imprinted me
Made me corporate

She paved me
Put me down on the bed
And nailed me down to the end

She pasted me
Splattered my chest with my semen
And rode me like a cowgirl

She confronted me
Under hidden sheets
And bit my nipple

She made me bow lower
Give in to the phantom
And phone her to express

She named my street
She photographed me
She left me in the nude
Forgot me
Made me long

She shot me
Poured butter in my wound
And kissed my injury

She put me in hiding
Sang a lyrical verse
And demanded knowledge

She taught me
Gave away a strength
And smiled in my path

She made me bite her neck
Swirl my tongue
And forget my position

She named my street
Claimed it
And wrote it down in her book
As I lay wondering
If I myself,
Have a name.

 2000 David Greg Harth @ 1515 NYC