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New Years Eve 99-2000
All I can feel is emptiness inside
Feel my shadow crawling
Up my empty stomach

Past Christmas lights of
Green and White
Reflect on the river Liffey

Green hovering lights
Illuminate O'Connell bridge
And I remember the taste
Of Guinness just one night before

The sounds of whistles and horns
And delighted drunk happiness
All invades the air
Waiting for slow fireworks in the night sky

Camera flashes pop and go off
As I smell the scent of wood burning
And salt sea
And alcohol last night

But now
Lost once again
Deeply wondering
On a cold-warm wet
December night

Wonder if I'll wake up tomorrow
No fear of Millenium
Or Technology or Harm
Just want to know
If I will be me tomorrow
Or just my reflection and
A cold dark empty stare

 1999 David Greg Harth @ Dublin Ireland Alongside the Liffey River