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I loved her like I never loved a woman before.
Her green eyes. Her full lips. Her soft skin.
So much perfection. Even her song. Her humming.

She was like the storybook story.
Driven by the radiating light of beauty.
Whispers were exchanged. We made love together.

My heart never ached. My heart never opened.
Yet still, something was eating at us inside.
It was only abandonment she left me with.

Now she is gone and I have nothing.
Eternal search for no more religions.
Except that of myself, and you, my love whom I adore.

She now resides in the land of abundant trees.
Penetrating my mind on the late evening hour.
Without warning she enters like a drifting ghost.

It wasn't until I met her that my beliefs started to exist.
Now she is long gone dead.
Something still resides, my heart yet filled.

I was swallowed and lost in the keys she left.
Gone without a trace, not even a word spoken or written.
The fire that once engulfed us, burnt out like a silent mute.

The moon has risen in the skyline many nights since.
Nuzzled in the nest I provided, she provoked my yearning.
Now is the time she called out my name.

First, not last.

 2006 David Greg Harth