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I'll catch you
When I can

You and my ninety
Stamped dollars
You & Nina's Holiness
And the ticket for inspiration!

You should have been honest
But now its too late
When I see you on the street
I'll know who you are

Because you are the man
With no thumbs

Ninety dollars is nothing
And I'll shove
A cows tongue up your ass
And this aint
No Mapplethorpe photograph!

I'll see you without pitty
A man whose meals are free
For just a little longer
Youll be wishing you were the fly on a bathroom stall door
Instead of the misery and the ass-mark youll have
Red and Black, the colours of America
For Twenty Five Dollars

I write a little note to you
Forever carried on me
So when I meet you
And Mohammed
I'll smack you in the face
Until your family feels my fists in your soul
And my children can spit on your blood

 1999 David Greg Harth
99.06.26:22:12:00 @ St.Marks&3rdAve @ 296ES
New York City