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No One
My love is gigantic.
Larger than a long gone prehistoric reptile.
Greater than a sailing blue whale.

My love is cosmic.
Stretches far past these terrestrial galaxies.
Beyond the suns and the moons.

My love is wind.
Soaring and swirling with nineteenth century clouds.
To carry you throughout your life.

My love is fiery.
It is an ignition.
Fuel to light cities across the planet.

My love is heroic.
A shield to protect the aged and the ill.
The weak and the poor.

My love is honorable.
The heart I possess has been bludgeoned.
Coat of arms is yours.

My love is an empire.
Searching wide and far.
To give all to its rightful Queen.

My love is passionate.
Dedicated to the pleasure of my lover.
External and internal; body and mind.

My love is everything.
It is what makes me continue.
Makes my heart pulsate.

But I have no one to give my love to.

 2005 David Greg Harth