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I wonder if its true
The invitation
To tomorrow's party
The one down under
The one with wine down the back

A channel
An influence of animals
A Zoo Channel
One to be discovered

An Assignment completed
Yet just started on a statue
A sculpture from heaven
With the gaze of mystery

A rose with its thorns up
Protection, a front
Boundaries broken
Until I come inside

I wonder if its true
The beloved ghost's last train
The pondering thoughts
And lasting impressions

An Assignment given and taken
One with ends that meet commons
One with twists and turns
From the waist to the breast

Eyebrows to shout
I imagine, a navel
Navel of no other
A French kind for me

A brown-eyed sunset
Down from the earth, so very near
Together an experience
Every time, she wonders

I wonder if its true
If he is the one in the sea
She dances with me
I know she will wear that shoe

If the blue matches
The brown mixes
The painting is like a Warhol
An origin of delight

Beauty upon a platter
A lasting lust of crime
Danger is near
Around her curves
I can feel them here
Every bend
Every turn

Mind set to go
A deliver punch of intensity
I wonder if Assignments should be given
Or if he just died in heaven.

 1997 David Greg Harth