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Waking up in July has new meaning
I wasn't expecting to break out of this dreaming

I've been with blue and I've been with brown
But in your ever-changing hazel I could certainly drown

I've been one to write a poem or a lengthy letter
But times like this are so rare, they are so much better

I've never started like this at ease
Who knew that you had the keys?

I've alerted the sun and I've alerted the moon
Each is primed to inspire as I look forward to spoon

I've been learning and I've been listening
Growing closer, I cancelled my waiting

I've even put cupid on hold
As these feelings begin to unfold

I've been known to run or duck or dive
But for this one, I'm willing to let it thrive

I've never been prepared for such a glow
It is this one I will cherish its grand flow

I've opened the door
Now ajar, yearning for more

Waking up in August is missing
It is you that I miss kissing

 2010 David Greg Harth
July, August