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North Dakota
Love is in the air,
for I've bitten your lip,
your blood flows,
falls, scrolls,
drowning my tears
in your gown of thorns

Love is in my step,
for I've kneeled before you
your outstretched arm
gently caressed
my virgin head

Love is beneath you,
I sit worshipping
between your legs
panting like a wet black dog
from across the Styx

Love is stolen,
straight from the cabinet
wooden ornaments misplaced
silent souls escaped
my heart pounds for you

Love is lost,
I shrivel in the light of the day
dust is what I become
as you forbid me to love you
with a thickness of gore
in the wound under thy breast

Love has died,
your soft skin never against mine
I fade into the darkness
the downward spiral of the abyss
never to love

 2005 David Greg Harth