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Not Really, Not Real, Missing
It wasn't real
Only a temporary situation
It will be resolved when the moment is over
Like a dream she came and went
If only I remembered my teeth and wishbones

Making July love
Heated extravaganza
Yelling matches
Fist punches
Thirsty for a beverage
Down by the sea

Flying East
I'm hit against the head
With a shovel, a fork, a sickle, a tuna hook
Memory is now served
Flush it down
Worries aside
Making happiness is beautiful

Forgetting your name
I drag myself up and out
Exiting the room, I look behind
One more glance, one more stare
Without a lasting scent
She is gone, she is gone

Last year's place of birth
Today's traveling sensation
Observed the tower falling
Enter my room
Pull the trigger against the village
I survive the pulling
Not really

 2008 David Greg Harth