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At age
At age 10 I was hairy.
At age 11 I was a hairy monster.
At age 12 I was dirty.
At age 13 I was a dirty pornographer.
At age 14 I was defeated.
At age 15 I was defeated with commitment.
At age 16 I was a dancer.
At age 17 I was a dancer influenced by Christ.
At age 18 I was drinking.
At age 19 I was drinking alone at the corner pub.
At age 20 I was very ill.
At age 21 I was very ill on my death bed dying mysteriously.
At age 22 I was sent away to a hospital for the strange with padded walls.
At age 23 I was sent away to a hospital while my teeth fell out of my mouth and on to the floor.

 2004 David Greg Harth