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Numb from the blindness
Numb from the taste
Numb from what she left behind

Numb in my throat
Numb in my mind
Numb in my cancer

Numb without spit
Numb without love
Numb without regret

Numb with thought
Numb with ease
Numb with wonderment

Numb through the valley of darkness
Numb through the parted waters by staff
Numb through the sky of limits

Numb on the ark of forage
Numb on the sea of waiting
Numb on the land of growth

Numb feeling in my memory
Numb feeling in my overloaded senses
Numb feeling in my wet tongue

Numb from sealing envelopes of the fourteenth
Numb from stroking the tired
Numb from thinking aloud

Numb waiting for she
Numb waiting for the hunger to end
Numb waiting for the completion

 2003 David Greg Harth