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Ocean Space Is Where I Wait
Jesus or Moses
Seas and deserts
Among the rocks
Among the steam ships
Among the trains
And the radars that break barriers
Through the wires
Through the regions
We all bow
We all look up
Though even though I do not
Nor do he
I thank all that do for me
And those who do not

Among the bench
Among the ground
Among that mountainside
Among that cloud
We must reach it
That destination
Between that plain
Of imagination and destiny
Of fantasy and desire
Of truth and fiction
Of race and creed
Of sex and religion
Of death and life
Of morals and horror

Among the common ground
Among that sandbar
There is an ocean
Where we once belonged too

An ocean of colors
Of twinkles and currents
Of a surplus of stars
And spacious lives
An ocean of wonders
Of delicate beings
Of a generation undiscovered
And limitless time

Among that time
I will be there
Waiting for thy to come
Waiting for something real
I continue
I always wait
Until I die
Until I die

One day,
Many people will say,
"I wish it was me, and not him."

 1997 David Greg Harth