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Oceans Become Men
We throw ourselves into the ocean
Because we are single men with a noble notion

We flood love upon our defiant muses
As impaled swords leave our hearts with bruises

We have orchids weaved together to make our battle armor
It is our faithful duty to be the romantic charmer

We came forth as warrior poets have risen
Our consciousness confines us into our own prison

We lure you with our poetic harmony in our hymns
And die for you in an instant or give up each of our limbs

We are the ancient guardians of chivalry
And surrender to our heart's honesty

We are brave enough for any wreckage at sea
Our sensuality is matched with our curiosity 

We drown with our voices unheard
Our engagement comes on the third

We stand with dignity without regrets
These departures are only empty threats

We ride fire chariots to the sun
And we pocket the suicidal gun

We follow the searching sparrow
To our very own crucifixion by arrow

We are lost as we mourn
Remembering the very reason we were born

We are the defenders of truth
The unrivaled hunters who go sleuth

We are angels on patrol
And into our mouth we put coal

We are dreamers who confess
And die lonely deaths

We are ocean men
And we are holy men
We flood you with our love till the very last end
When oceans become men
And men become oceans

 2011 David Greg Harth