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Old Crusty Hole
I couldn't help but enter
I was lured in
Tempted by the fate of promising jewels
Hidden aged diamonds
One never knows what you'll discover in caves
Or dusty tombs
And nooks and crannies beneath ancient pyramids
So I put on my archaeologist hat
And took the adventure
Digging around
First you go in with your hands
Feeling around
Touching the walls
Blindly not know what you're feeling
This rough texture
This sandpaper
The walls are flaking apart
Aged particles falling off
Bark like a tree disintegrating in your hands
Dust coughing, clouds parting
I feel around not knowing what I'm searching
Trying to figure out if this hole is big enough
Trying to figure out if its acceptable
Can such treasures be found here?
Could I really go hunting inside here?
How deep could I go in?
After my initial search
I figured it was time for the exploration
With my past behind me
My weapon in front of me
I'm ready to go forth
These walls wrapped around me
I feel so enclosed
Like an old aged home
A library never read
A closet never opened
A coffin coming alive
This hole becoming ripe
I see the scratch marks my fingers made
Grey cracked walls
Peeling and chipped
No leakage
Barely able to breathe
I can't find any air inside this hole
I dig deeper and deeper for this treasure
I know I'll find it here some place
And gain this grand pleasure
These walls crumble around me
So bridle they fall and fail
These old walls collapse
Into a pile of dust
Deep inside this old crusty hole

 2011 David Greg Harth