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Oma and Opa (#1)
Intrepid trips and the mountains of the concord
Lake George and my first home cooked meal after Neuro
Drawings saved and cherished memories explored
Hanukkah menches and false teeth
Jump with sister and battle ships and swords
Cardboard oats cars and super 8 lighting
Family of black elephants and looking at the field
Squirrel parks and peanut feeding
Cupped hands and locked doors
Green carpets and curved couches
Rockefeller Christmas and Empire State
Hugs kisses and the warmth I've never had
Fresh Chocolate Chip cookies, sprinkles too
Pineapple chicken and first night dinners
Videotaping U2 as I grow
Hersheys chocolate milk and canned pears
The beach box fighting man
Never forget the Ten Dollar story left on a park bench
Museums and matchbox cars
Parades and snoopy
Dip of a chair, relax and lean back
Corned Beef deli sandwiches and a car driver
Not telling them what to do
Large flushing toilets
Opera singers and little David upstairs playing
Finding places, meeting people, aging with beauty
Mints and M&Ms if I dress right
Proud and pride that come from the heart
Poetry and perspective
Corners have light and the sisters were shot
Holocaust avoided, conquered, escaped, effected, affected
Past the surgeries, the pace, the cancer, the hearts, the loss
Sewing buttons and holes galore
Stories told and always shared, some hidden
Photographs explored, taken, remembered
Two short ones, one time I once shorter
Unconditonal love - If I am so dare to say

 1998 David Greg Harth