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Oma and Opa (#5)
My grandparents are dying.

The Informative Rundown:

Opa (Grandfather):
Immigrant from Germany
Escaped the Holocaust
Retired Expert Tailor, WWII Veteran
Pace Maker
Triple By-Pass
Cataract x 2
Lymph in Tonuge Surgery
Stroke x 2 + others
Did not goto the Hospital immediately after the last stroke because he
never wants to leave the side of the love of his life
Still, in the midst of it all, he posed in the hospital for his grandson to
take a photograph, for art

Oma (Grandmother):
Immigrant from Lithuania
Mother and Sisters shot in the Holocaust
Retired EKG Technician
Cancer in the leg x 2
Bulging bad eye
Can no longer walk, locate the kitchen or remember if I gave her a pill 10
minutes ago
Still, in the midst of it all, makes sure I eat, talks about her grandson
being an artist, and shares my blue eyes

Opera singer floors above can be heard
Awards and certificates hang on the walls
My childhood art hangs on the walls
Dead flowers from the 60th anniversary just one week ago still on the table
The Coo-Coo clock has to be wound up
Medications unorganized and in wrong bottles
Can no longer sign checks or goto the bank or doctor or grocery
Refridgerator filled with delivered meals, bad food, expired milk, bread,
cheese, matzoh and prunes

He'll make 90
She'll make matzoh ball soup and cookies again
Ill have to write pages and speak.

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