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One Week
On Sunday
I take you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art
We see Van Gogh, Dega, and Turner
We get lost together in their masterpieces
Of strokes, dances and light
We surround ourselves in the art around us
To create our own
We explore each room while re-inventing ourselves

On Monday
After a candle-lit dinner
I take you to the Empire State Building
Right to the tippy-top
To view the world
Our New York City
That we conquered together
With shared secrets and passion
On the top in an embrace
We kiss to the stars above and the midnight lights below

On Tuesday
After the wine down your back
I cuddle you in my arms
As we shower together
Feeling silky wet
With suds pouring down
I wash the slippery inches of your body
From butt to thigh to breast to ear

On Wednesday
We skip work
To where the sun shines daily
And birds fly high
Where flowers bloom beneath
Central park is where we escape today
Frolic in the sun on the meadow
Being with you and exploring
Laying upon your lap, you in mine
Together we relax and wonder

On Thursday
The evening is ours
This night is full of sweetness
From the kisses on your lips to your navel
I lick the honey from your mouth and stomach
To strawberries of today
Following your precious eyes
I take the strawberry to every corner of your body
And nibble nibble tonight

On Friday
The warm day brought us to a gathering tight close
With ice in my hand
I glide down your body through your soul
Upon your every pore
From foot upwards on your leg and inner thigh
Above your pubic mound to your strong navel
Upward glance
Upon your breasts and now stiff nipples
Until the ice reaches your neck
The coldness giving you goosebumps all over
To your lips
Ice and now I kiss
And run my fingers through your hair
And down your back

On Saturday
Quiet with the actions
Too many to exist in our time
Ran around here and there
Shared an ice tea on the avenue
Remembering last night and the night before
I let the water fill up the tub
For you
I sprinkle flowers on the waters edge and surface
Roses, daisies, tulips, sunflowers, carnations, daffodils, irises, lilys
And leaves of green
Cover your warm bath water
And now you can beautify the world
And take a hot bath in flowers
While I wash your back and your hair
And burn candles on the porcelin surroundings

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC @ 296 NYC