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Harlem streets
Holocaust massacres
Montreal North
Montana West

Fresh cut hair
And fresh cut grass
Hungry for death
And can't bare to fast

Half of me taken
Snakes beneath a child's bed
Followed your footsteps to hell
It was you who led

In fields of skeletons
Lovemaking, crafting, and dying
The excavator found me
Exhausted of loneliness, I am trying

Reborn in a cocoon of thought
Beginnings end near
Bypass in two weeks time
I have landed, I am here

Beyrouth streets
Deconstructing division walls
Tripoli South
Tokyo East

He calls my name from shadows
I'm ready with black ink
Hailing to him I raise my holy cup
We are one and ready to drink

Called from heaven, called for prayer
Messages left inside love's shrine
History tells of legends past
Read my scans and puncture my spine

Bring out the audience
Raise the musty blood-red curtain
Announce the deceased famous
Devil birds by the sea are quite certain

Chapters end and sentences depart
Stories passed on for generations
Borders out of control, compass spinning
Painting dictators of all the great nations

New York streets
Living for nine lives more
41.373223, -74.304438
Over and over, beyond the 12th floor

 2009 David Greg Harth;32:37@292CPT/NYC1st