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Opa (#2)
As I entered your building,
it smelled of urine.
All the elderly gather there,
and die young at heart.

You confuse time,
You can not operate the alarm clock
You can not operate the telephone.
You don't know how to tie a tie
You don't know who to call.

You are my Opa,
My Opa I love.

Today you slept.
While I visited.

I read your book of letters.
You wrote Oma for 65 years.
Mother's Day. Anniversary. Birthdays. War Letters.
You have experienced something I never have.

We've recently discussed.
That I have been looking.
Looking for one.

Going on dates.
Here and there.
Every time I phone you now,
You ask,
"Still looking?"

I am still looking.

If I could have
Just one second
Of the amount of love
You and Oma had,
I'd be happy.

Couldn't help but think,
As you slept on the couch,
If I should suffocate you,
And let you be with Oma,
Once more; forever.

 2005 David Greg Harth