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Bringing them out
Like freshly bought butterflys
Like tulips and roses
And tastey ears of corn

Full of joy and bounce
They never surrender
Full of colour and chaotic smells

All day Id like to slip a few
I pass them fluttering on the street
And hear their vibes
And catch their eyes

The warm sun beats down
The shadows created
Between erect buildings
And tremendous skyscrapers

Waltzing along
With cherrys at height
Feeling wet
And sparkle cheese

Comes over
Shade all around
Casting and engulfing

They scurry like ants
Way down to the underground
Luxurious displays
On pleasure pictures

Following their flutter
I think of someting to mutter
Leaning against
A view Ill never forget

Legs sticking out
All over they wiggle
Under my silver

Gathering clusters of drops
Like embarressed young children
Like little babies
And hand-held raisns

 1998 David Greg Harth