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Peeing & Peeking
She was peeing and peeking
Peeking while she was peeing
Peeing on the potty
Peeking around the corner

Pee-Pee she made
And peek she did
Peering out
Around the corner, she peeked

Peed she did
Not in the pool
Or on top of the stool
But in the potty
There she made pee-pee

Peeing & Peeking
Thats what she did
Looking around the corner
I see her peeking

Peeing and peeking
She peed a peeked
And  peeked a pee
She peeked when she peed
And made a pee-pee

Peeing and Peeking
No peep or poo
Just a pee and peek
For me and you

 2000 David Greg Harth