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Don't be afraid to ask me
Or bite me
Wear pink or black or blue or green

Be secure and in tune
Know who you are and who I am not
Eat good be good eat bad be bad
Remember to be exciting

Don't be afraid of the new
Of Handcuffs or feathers or strawberries
Of Diamonds or leather or porn
Of Exhibitionism or multiples or outdoors

Be real and able to cry
Hold, Care, Hug
Learn, Live, Love
Outreach and dig and fall

Don't be afraid of meeting
Old, Older, New, Newer or past
Accept the future and illness
Battle like a fighting beast

Talk, Communicate, Experience
Feel, Think, Remember
Try, Attempt, Suceed, Fail
Write, Create, Smile, Develop

Don't be afraid of difference
Birth marks, nipple hairs, bellys
Accents, nose curls, pubic hairs
Of cock rings, shaveness, loneliness

 1999 David Greg Harth