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Sadness throughout the land
One man can save all the dead souls
He comes in the night, all in black
An artist of many trades
Strong in heart
He comes in the night, and repetition of glory
An artist of many thoughts

Sadness will come in death valley
Across the sea
All who float
Are dead at his feet
He will come to save us
My Lord
He will show no mercy

My Lord
He will come to save us all
The Devil himself
The Angel himself
It is such a beautiful day
Drinks are offered
On the beach
Walk the dog
Never be raped
Read a book
I will suck
Your Blood until you are dry
Take the goodness
I will kill myself
Goodnight forever
I am dying
Over and over
I am slowly dying
I am rotting away
The drugs
The perfume
The hell they have given me

 1996 David Greg Harth