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Pigeons (Leaving)/Leaving (Pigeons)
I take my photography
and picture you in pornography

I will commit the robbery
and go down on your shrubbery

You are like a warm wasted drug
moving through my arteries like a slug

I search for love
but all I am is a dead dove

I am helpless
as your love affair with yourself
reeks of sawed off monkey heads

I brace myself as you jerk at my dick
I always wish I could peform that trick

For you I commit a rhyme
and give away my last cocaine dime

You rape me of my belief
and never give me any relief

You leave your scent in my blood stained eyes
and you never loosen my ties

I thrive for the different direction
and never get an erection

I am an addict
I survive on the thoughts people shed
Leave behind

The beauty of day
Leaves me alone
and makes me kill the pigeons you find
on city floors

Making babies
and microwaves

Telephone chasing
and my fingers tracing

Leftover turkey
my eyes are murky
hiding the death

That I have killed
the lovers
the travelers
the listeners
the seekers
the lookers
the patients
the devils
the gods
the pigeons
the colours
the rhymes
the birth

 1998 David Greg Harth