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I've walked that Avenue before
I've been there before
That same roadside
I've seen the same faces
I've felt the same pain

The moon is still the same
The sun rises every day
But I feel like walking
Walking next to Michael and Kurt
Walking next to Jean Michel and Sid
Walking next to Freddie and David

This Avenue isnt the same anymore
No more happiness here
No more ghosts to hold onto
No more

This Avenue isnt true anymore
The colour doesnt shine here
The people don't gather and talk
The friends don't phone or gasp

This Avenue is different
I've walked this Avenue before
Along empty beaches
Along empty sidewalks
Along American gasoline stations
Along London's soho

The Avenue is blank
I cant see it
It's not even here
The Avenue is dark
No one to help
No one to aid
No one to look up too
No one to feed on

I tried to tell you something
But you wouldn't listen
You wouldnt even listen
You refused
You blocked me out
Your "All Ears" weren't there
You were gone
You were far away
You were beyond the Avenue

The Avenue is gone
It lasted so long
But now its a dead end
A dead walk
A walk of death

Im walking alone
On the Avenue
Maybe you'll walk next to me
Or maybe I'll walk alone

 2001 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC