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It's pouring out,
down the west coast beach.
Rain is pouring in
and all about.

It's pouring tears,
rolling down lost cheeks.
Sea water salt is penetrating
and haunting my soul.

It's pouring down stream,
and making smiles turn into aches.
Lovers wed out there
and bend around turns here.

It's pouring out,
I can hear the birds singing.
Seeing the waves crashing,
I can only but think of you.

It's pouring heartless actions,
among all the lovers.
I remain cold with a warm inside,
while waiting for you.

It's pouring stirred emotions,
as the bay sounds it's flute.
The orchestra of kingdoms
are ignited during my chivalry.

It's pouring out,
through my endless search.
I've found you melting like stone
in the deepest part of my heart.

 2004 David Greg Harth