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it's in, its out
a twist of lime
a fruit drink inside
a wonder bread
a tornado head
a cold rain
a pouring drain

it's time to go
down and about

red, orange, green and blue
howling wind
no dust in my teeth
bite my lip
i bite my lip

take you up
towers of lust
desire a must
on top of that temple
steps to the holy one
never take one

a cherry tree
drop yours tonight
love birds in sight
wanted and believed
greys between
living colours
no waisted horrors
smart time
to my chime

it's a wanted one
a soul of two
a connected pair
its time little frog
webbed feet
duck your head
under counter
it's time to be a lemon
a grateful sin
a dead pig
drowning meat
no vegetables in the heat

i am in need
for that luvy speed
smoke it up
junk it up
punk it up
fill me up

i am in need
for that luvy speed
deal me a drug
flow me up inside
cover me in white
all over; i wont bite

they fly like jets
red, white, & blue
skys in russia
skys in america
japan & zealand
guatamela & fruit lands

they fight like army men
warriors of hell
painted faces; portraits of heros
it's a shoot
captain, a cigar
rip down the road
a drag mobile
wind turning
dog barking

zoom in
zoom out
it's about that time
out - and - about

i am in need
for a cold rain
and a pouring drain

it's time to go
down and about
beach ball play

womyn in suits
men in sun-tan
palm beach springs
and new orleans
lima, I sinka your marina
beauty, no queen, ill split your spline
no more
time to go
split out
colours about

i need some
big bang
fighter plane
above and beyond
no place to go

run in
run out
zoom about
it's time to become a monument

 1999 David Greg Harth @ 31 NYC @ 1515 NYC @ 296 NYC