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I remember, one day, a few years back ...

While sitting on the toilet, peaking at my shit, as if they were clouds.
I noticed the magnificent shape the shit was in. Like Disney characters
Mickey & Minnie, ah, childhood. Believe it or not, I was reading Artforum
on the potty that day. When talking on the phone and having a drag, my
girlfriend calls. She tells me that she wants to tie my legs up to the
kitchen chair and make me masturbate infront of her. I tell her shes crazy
but she comes over anyway and fucks me to sleep on my throne of porcelin. I
wake up, she still on my shoulders, shit below me, she had pissed all over
me. Madonnna once said piss is a cleanser, today it got my fungus out of my
ass and toes. So I picked her up, way up high, and ate her out until her
thigh was giving me a great big red television reception. She brought that
tv in earlier. Just to watch porn, or maybe herself. My girlfriend is a
porn star in daisy dukes, she shopped for those cut-off jeans on long ass
lines just too entertain me and drive me crazy and insane. Which is why now
I do nothing, not even walk or keep house; I just sit on my pot and give up
my spouse for this daily shit I do. Too bad, I could have wed or even done
med, but without a degree, Iım just going to continue to pee.

İ 1999 David Greg Harth @ 296 NYC