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Ramblings of a Constant Search
It's hard to put to words.
But all around me I see love.
I see my friends in love.
My sister in love with her husband.
With two children,
My nephew and niece who I adore so much.

My father remarried in love.
My mother remarried in love.
My grandfather remarried in love.
My grandparents in love for decades upon decades.

All around I witness love,
Yet I cry every day.
I've said it before,
It's hard to put to words.
To illustrate how much I ache.

My friends are in love.
Some are involved.
Some engaged.
Some married.
Some pregnant.
Some parents.

But I cry every day.
I listen to sad music.
I have tears that roll.
They never stop.

Because I am a man.
A man dying of a broken heart.
Because I am a man.
A man who wishes to be in love.

 2004 David Greg Harth