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Re: Huummh
Dead ants waterskiing
relatives that drink down
the backs of
young women
on used coffee grinds.
tasted black from the forms
out back

cant do much
because thats that

and it sure aint hell that miss ivy
league bitch
the freshmen team!

cause it aint miss town.
the busses running obscure hours
all the time
to get too and fro
left of the right
around the back

lost on the back of a knat
cum drenched winos in time.

for the mothers who had sons
lost at the war
ribbons tied to the bums
just one more

begging for sniff
even a scratch
big brick of usda cheese
with its mother fucker of a latch.

yule logs burn
and so does disease
constitutions of tradition
the reciprocal of ease.

between my crotch
is someones snatch

i wish i had a match
to lite up miss america's little ass!

hairy man
in the tub full of spam

its corporate ceos
that don't give me blows

wish i had a 9mm
shoot them all down

eat the pigs feet
lick up the juices i could defeat

sucking cock at 3 a.m.
and assholes bleeding amen!

time to rape my fate
and break away from this track
find a big titted slut
and fuck her rack
with angst anxiety and touch of love
her nipples hard and driven
with hope from above

its a whaling sound
I made her scream

like the sheep i rammed
i fucked way back when

a child i was
horny as can be

now I'm only aged to ripeness
for firm titted women adjusted

i remember when
my veiny cock

it flowed of blood and cum
and a goats lasting jizz

i remember when
the professors fucked me

and when my thick one
was bulging
as I am today
for he and she and she and he
its all around the monopoly!!

my only friend is my cock
in my hand
fucking myself each night
with a cheap bottle

too late too fast too hard
fuck you!
each day passes with thoughts
of how to avoid being molested
by society.

long hard pull
drink orgasm smoke shit.
i will shave for you.

wanting to rub your cock against a poodle
dreams of all young men

the silver screen drives
ideals like Fat Albert

scantily clad young lovers
with M-'6's tattooed on their chests
escape from war crimes
by visiting the Met.

an icon's wheels went
round and round - hit the ground
caught by a catcher in the raw
stuck on rye.

watch me now
catch me now
i am falling
i'm down.

blow jobs for the country
all around.

my ass rots and
my stomach stinks
perfumes and laxitives

imagine no toilers or showettes?

i desire a piece of plate glass on my face
while you shit on me.
defication proclomation!

and with a tongue and cheek
I suck on the poision

the blood leaked from my asshole
only to find it
wrapped around my finger
for a mother to dine for, above

I hear the rhythm in the distance
and all they do is light up a smoke

the elder jerks off beneath his sheets
as the one in blue wears my hue

with donation baskets that
reek of filth and lies
and someone elses bloody mess
i sit and wait to hear you say
halleluiah brother i covet
your fucking wife.

olive oil seeping down
the crack up a prostitutes back
while families die in vain
over the tree.

the children
are drowning in a sea of
sweat pouring off of the
sacks and cracks of parents
who just
live with the it.

recalling the priest at the steps
begging me to blow him
suck his long cock
full of 7inches of semen
rock hard

recalling pounds of patty cake patty cake
bakers MY!
and that good tasting coffee cake
that I used to get in my lunch box
as a kid

Last gym pick
skinny mother
Wish I fucked her.

Recalling the great masturbator
Of the undercover floor - he died
or the Dali floor

Licked up
Fucked up
Chained up
And he asks to be dominated
Like an abortion pizza.

my head aches because
I can't act out and let
you know how much
I fucking hate you and
your fat fucking face with
all that shit you spew on a
daily weekly monthly yearly
I look foward to the day the nail is
driven deep into your final place
of failure.
Instigation, guilt, mental tormentation
devised by your sick and twisted skull
fuck you
taking a bat to you blubbering body
would be like a rapsody
as climactic as blowing a load

on the face of some school girl
for the first time.
Years later you still linger inside my head
each time I look in the mirror I
see you
hear you
smell you
feel you
loathe you
curse you
want to spit.
Sexual ambiguities stem from
your dominatrix brain.
you could have fucked me
beat me
kicked me
shit on me,
but you decided to mentally
tie my brain in a knot
to the bed posts of life
with your ever wrenching clinch on
all dreams and aspirations.
You emasculating bitch
I hope you rot in Hell!

and then lyrics
i heard them
about you and you and you and you
your wavy white ass infront of my face
a demolition beer
a beautiful ass
so tight it can be
all you do is stand in front of me
and blow out of your fuckin' hole!

Ill sew you up
thats what ill do!
Your lips on top
and between your thighs

Ill strap a dildo
I wont let you inside
I remember your phone calls
And how you died tonight

I cut of your finger
as you begged for a locker
You had a slice of fish
And I, Play-Dough

Then the image burned
From TIME magazine
for you
a candle
in the wind...

fucking your stincky
pussy with a cucumber
i bite the head off
of my own existence
with my finger up your
ass the shit still

slapping cocks against your
chinny chin chin
you were my fortune

school bells ringaling
here I am another Pavlovian

I need a drink.
I want my cigarettes.
I'm tired!

and then she came home
closed the door
put on the music
and dripped

hot wax all over my body
the the woman next to me
and the man next to her

heat all over
it was nice
nice nice nice

i fucked her without
a hat
last night
came all over her face
stomach clit and thighs.
woke up half drunk
kicking myself in the ass
for my
irresponsible idiocities.
i scrubbed my cock
beet red
till i realized
it doesn't fucking really
matter anyways because eventually
i'll be dead.

but when I die
I will recall
that mother of the dead
will portray her daughter

the mothers will come from a far
to visit the graves of the dead
their daughters and sons
and husbands too

the widows come
sorry and sad
hungry for sex
and a big thick cock too

the mothers would come
to worship the dead
and there I lay
for them to mount

the mothers come
they stradle my dead thick cock
and with movements known to the dead
the mothers open their legs

they ride me like a stallion
amongst the dark graves
of the night

they fuck me till daylight
or when their daughters rise
from the graves I dug

each night i lay in
my coffin
scratching the walls
to freedom.
the felt lining was
once a place to ejaculate
fantasies over and over
and again and
again and
and then i finally realized
that mothers do inspect the
embarrassing loads of thick
dried cracking cum stain
my adolescence.
i want to cum mother
and you can't stop me!
i no longer share the
bathroom with anyone
because now i have sprouts of
puberty popping in
my p.j.'s and winnie the pooh
even looks at me in a different light.
do you and dad fuck?
hard to imagine you bending over for anyone!
plus, there wasn't anything he could
give any of us anyhow.

and even today
as I press my covered cock
against their wet covered pussies
as I dry fuck them
then I explode
with overflowing cum
into my boxers
above their wet cunt
should I be embaressed?
or just continue on?
should i get breakfast?
or a lesson in control?
or maybe I should just be straight?
or gay?
or bisexual?
or just a mule in a castle and go home for
the night?

twittling my thumbs!

oh like dorothy
like a television show
sucking on honey
and a lasting impression
of big

you have seen
behind my curtain.
the controls which control
my Oz.
Lions and Tigers and Bears
Oh my!
I am melting!
Can I cum in your
red slipper?

am I not a baffoon?
or just dr. seuss'
last mr. magoo?
do i taste thy cum?
or just wish you made me hum!

green eggs and ham
or a tub full of spam
it doesn't matter to me
i just want to go on a
cumming spree.
Hee hee said the quaint
little chickadee
until i bent her over
and fucked her until
her eggs broke.

i'd like to crack an
egg on your skull and
lick the yoke until
it dries hard on your
chinny chin chin
she said
while i read your favorite
nursery rhymes to you
so i wont wet the bed.
plastic sheets drawn
tight with nurses
corners can make an
autoerotics day so
bright and so gay.
all sleep and no play
makes me a bad boy!

she said elequint
I said, bitch, just kneel at my feet
she said elequint
I said, babe, I'm just an elephant
she said don't quit
I said, babe, I'm faithfull '00%

she kneeled down
I bit at her frown
she made me cum
a sticky hot load
down her snob of a neck
she died in my arms
because i shot her in the head

love is nothing but
a sodomites fantasy
cum true.

the smell of your unwashed
makes me harder than
a totum pole at
a pigmey bonfire.

and tea bags
sit well
upon your chin.
i want to smother you,
control you,
and make you the
object of my desire.
she responded with
a smile and said,
why don't you just fuck me
like the pig that i am
for starters,
than we can move on
to the real fucking.
i want to fuck your
from the inside out
and play handball with your
feelings, she replied.
oh goodie!

wake up dead man!

urine pouring down your back
beauty breaking at the spine
sunny days around here
garbage cans filled everywhere

beauty americans in the street
shooting killings out west beat
grateful sins on little tins
tiny children sucking their thumbs

photographs displayed
meat portrayed
buy it buy it
i am a consumer

deciding on your tombstone
what i wish were my birth
i go walking to the lines
of blurred sensations
and get my highs from
someone other than you.

licking your legs in
the afternoon,
and hearing you on the telephone crying
got me hard.

I wish I had a tomato
Id let it rot outside
and then when its nice
and gooshy
and moldy
and wet
and awful smelly

Id take it inside
to your nude chest
ans drive a nail through it
the red rounded tomato
right upon your breast

roll me around in syrup
shave the hair off my nuts
and fuck me
in the ass with your

degrade me.
rape me.
hate me.
love me.

can i buy you a cup of me?

dear peanut butter dust,

I think I ran out of rust
Just the other day
How about we forget
about the fat man's hand
on my crotch today.

that sounds lovely
because i feel like jumping
off the GWB!

there isn't
anything to do
there isn't
anything to say
just trying to make it
through one
more day.
i got to make it
through the day!


feeling the lovely boy
feeling the lovely tape
I hardly knew you yesterday
but today i feel like a raped ape

ah the sweet smell of a
hairy shit
after a real long night
of heavy drinking.

I once saw a person
She barfed in the toilet
I once pulled a chain
Like from that toilet and chain
I once had an ankel with a ball
Like a chain and ball
I once had a friend
With big blue balls
Like elephants and rhinos
and super duper bouncing balls
I once saw a women
her tits bounced all over
I once had a woman
she between my balls
Like an elephant and rhino


 1998 David Greg Harth
with conversations with John P. Irwin