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I'm reaching out
I try harder and harder
an open arm
I guide my hand

She fades away from me
each step I take
I can see her faintly
every inch I move
her curves blow away
with the wind from under my breath
and from the heavens

I try to stop myself
from being under
but I cant help it
I only want to try
try for a welcoming hug
a feel
a touch

But every time I near
she pulls away
further and further
into the darkness
of a corner unknown to me

I try to see her
I push myself
I dig in deep
I conquer any obstacle
tackle warriors
break boundaries
cross borders
all for her

as I get nearer
she fades away...
she becomes silent
pulls herself out of reach...

I wait,
with my hand on my soul
folded arms
I wait
for her
to reach

 1997 David Greg Harth