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Red Beauty
Rolling thunder passes
   Great land of the white one
   Pass the magic corn of the earth

To the west of red beauty
   Beneath glorious sky
   To moon's daughter

Bleeding hawk intertwines
   Among the riching forest
   Deep birch, sweet cedar and sturdy oak

Buffalo are roaming to the mighty rivers now
   For your beauty I take
   And eat your poison and swallow my fire of pride

Share my sacred pipe with your painted face
   In these brave summers of thicketed visions
   And tongues of stirring ashes

I've lost my eagle soaring guide
   With pressed hands and clenched fists
   My wounded heart pounds as the mountain speaks

With leaves of golden amber
   And wild pure water flowing
   Chanting of your beauty in passages

Come dance with me in the falling rain
   Rain with me
   Down promising trails of flames

Singing swallows can be heard
   Behind my brothers and sisters
   As dawn comes over great brown bear

Your beauty like nothing of this earth
   Beating the dirt back to its core
   Following the blooming flowers to your footprints

The beauty you shine with
   Makes the growing sun and stars fight to reflect upon you
   As I imagine my blue eyes upon your breast

The desert becomes hotter as you raise
  The holy flames on the land
  And take the rainy season to flood lands

Powerful sun beams beat off your beauty
   Into the mighty night sky
   Showing the overhead night birds a wonder sight

Your beauty shakes the tremendous strong earth
   Quite beyond your structure of lust
   I sink in the sand to be with you

As your beauty burns and dances like fire
   In the minds of myself and my fathers before me
   I honor you and give you earth gifts

Silent cuts on palms remind me
  The delicate lines of your beauty eyes
  Making the smokey signals of my desire

Your beauty quietly escapes the red land
  Mounts on top of great blue blankets
  And becomes one without me in the darkness

 1999 David Greg Harth